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Acculon is a one-stop shop for energy and electrification. Developing and deploying lithium batteries requires systems-level expertise and broad capabilities. Our 300,000 hours of battery program experience enable you to go further, faster, safer.

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The 2020 Deloitte Energy Transitions survey found 70% of respondents have agreed to move toward electrification of industrial processes and more than 50% of respondents have targeted electrification fleets within their ecosystem by 2030.
Acculon Energy
Porter, Stanley, et al. “Electrification in Industrials.” Deloitte Insights, 12 Aug. 2020,

35% of transportation-related emissions are industrial + commercial vehicles. With construction and warehousing as the USA’s fastest-growing sectors, it’s critical that great resources are available to help to make cleaner vehicles now.


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